Mockup for Ask The Dictator landing page on
In order to get executive and brand approval on a new style landing page for the Ask The Dictator web series, I created a mocked-up version of the page in Photoshop. Utilizing the Brand Standards, including fonts, colors, existing page templates, and UX patterns.

The goals of the page were to:
     1. Provide a landing page for the series
     2. Encourage viewers to tweet about the series using #AskTheDictator
     3. Allow viewers to go to product pages to learn more
Notable Features:
The "Join The Conversation" widget is an embedded live feed filtered to show only #AskTheDictator. It also allows the user to tweet directly from the widget, and pre-populate with the correct hashtag.
The embedded YouTube video is actually a playlist that automatically updates the embedded widget when a video is added, placing the most recent first.
These were two new features to to drive user engagement and create less overhead for the web team in order to maintain this site with the latest video. 
The website is still live (as of November 2016) with only a slightly modified layout:
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