Mapping Hospital Organizations
To enable PatientSecure, a positive patient identification technology to work within the hospital systems, the hospital facilities need to be mapped properly. This includes exposing three levels of hierarchy: Organizations, Facilities, Departments.
Additional functionality needs to be exposed after the mapping, including: previously configured Hospital Systems (such as an EMR), Patient Identifiers, ability to map a computer running PatientSecure technology to the client at a specific location, and see and modify any client settings for that location.
My role
Lead visual designer
The problem
The problem was with the design itself: It simply didn't work, didn't scale, and was usable by the end-user.
Working with the Lead UX designer for the product, we set out to redesign the existing concept for Hospital Organizations. The concept was already in production, so there was a tight timeframe, tech limitations since the solution was already coded based on the initial concept, and a very specific workflow that the end-user needed to be successful.
The hospital org presented as a tree, with three panels. To map the secondary systems to the locations, a fourth panel is opened below the line.
Showing options for mapping systems to locations. It is unclear if the systems are related to the facility, organization, or department.
Trying to think outside the box, yet within the limitations, I proposed an "accordion tree". This combines the concept of an accordion, which opens and closes certain sections to keep the user focused on one area, and a Tree hierarchy, which clearly shows a parent/child relationship to visualize how the tree levels connect together.
The three level hierarchy is shown on the left panel. When on the Parent level (organization) the grandchild (department) is hidden. The user can add facilities while staying in context. The Right panel is dynamic, showing the relevant system settings for the highlighted level on the left.
Showing department level. This collapses the department views for other facilities. The Parent is always shown so the user can jump between Organizations. They can only add organizations when at the org level.
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